The employee must be removed from the conflicting shift by their manager (or by an administrator) before the employee can add the vacation request. Using this process ensures that the manager is aware of the shift conflict and knows to find someone else to take on the shift.

A manager or administrator can follow these steps to remove the employee from the shift:

  1. Login and click on "Scheduling" (left menu).
  2. Click "Manage Employees", and then find the employee in the list.
  3. Click "view schedule" next to the employee's name. 
  4. Navigate to the day on the calendar containing the shift (click on it).
  5. At the bottom of the page you will see details of the shift and an "edit" button next to it.
  6. Click "edit" next to the shift.
  7. Now you should be on the Edit Shift page. 
  8. Look under the employees section, and click "Unassign" next to the employee you wish to remove from the shift. This may be an ideal time to assign a different employee to the shift as well.
  9. Click "Save Entry".
  10. Now if you return to the calendar (click "done" or "back" at the top of the page), you should see that the shift has been removed from that employee's schedule. Now she can add a vacation request.